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Rectangular curved silencerSLRB

Rectangular curved silencer from Aerodim™ series. SLRB is equipped with Aerodim™ baffles (splitters). The silencer is manufactured with frame of galvanized sheet and absorption material type Lindtec™. The absorption wool is easy to clean while preventing the dispersal of fibres.

Due to aerodynamic design, the SLRB has a low pressure loss and low generation of flow noise. Due to the low pressure loss it is possible to use smaller duct sizes and still enjoy low energy consumption.

The baffles are available in a width 200 mm. Distances between the baffles vary according to the required attenuation and airflow.

Sizes available in horizontal mounting between ( a x b ) 400x300 mm to 2000x2000 mm and in vertical mounting between 400x300 mm and 2000x1500 mm.
Length of legs are always 300 mm. Width goes in 100 mm steps.

To calculate the silencer, you can use our IT-program DIMsilencer, where baffle distance, width and height can be optimized for the best performance.