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TUNE-V is a curved rectangular sound attenuator with conventional design with width and height dimensions that doesn't exceed the present connection dimensions. Sizes available between (a x b) 400 x 200 mm to 2400 x 2000 mm.


TUNE-V has an external shell of trapezoidal corrugated sheet metal for stability and reduced risk of oscillation. The absorption material LindtecTM is developed to provide good sound properties, low weight and to be cleanable. The sound attenuator is equipped with the joining profile type RJFP or LS or PG.

TUNE-V meets the requirements of air tightness class C and pressure class 2 according to EN 1507:2006.

Tested according to ISO 7235.

For special materials or sizes, please contact your local Sales department.

To select and size the appropriate attenuator to provide the best performance for your application please use our online tool LindQST.