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CompAir CF

CompAir CF features a highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger with by-pass function, reaching up to 90% heat recovery of the exhaust air.

This user friendly plug&play unit is available in 7 sizes for air flow volumes from 350 up to 10 700 m³/h and represents an ideal solution for residential premises with limited space or small to medium sized contemporary buildings with focus on energy efficient ventilation.

The basic model is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and consists of heat exchanger, inlet and outlet fans, F7 filters on the inlet side and M5/F7 filter on the outlet side.

Coolers (water, DX), heaters (water, electrical) or sound attenuators can be simply added to the basic unit as a separate section.

The integrated cloud-based control system is available in three different user levels: Basic, Standard and Advanced.