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Plafond XDExposed supply air beam

Lindab´s new Plafond XD is basically an exposed design active chilled beam solution for ventilation, cooling and heating which helps you to create a perfect indoor climate in rooms without suspended ceilings.
The new concept with separate technical Body and (Design-)Cover, available in many different designs make the new Plafond XD function 100 % as a corresponding architectural element fitting into your room and building architecture.
All technical parts as the Plafond XD Body, connections, cabling, valves, actuators and other plus features or accessories, can easily be hidden behind Plafond XD Cover.

  • The primary air volume can be pre-adjusted in the factory and later easily be re-adjusted with Lindab’s tool less patented JetCone system,
  • The Angled Nozzles system for air outlet, secures a perfect air spread pattern that reduces draft risk without losing capacity.
  • The Plafond XD Cover is available in seven different designs.
  • The beam can be easily integrated/used in a Pascal water system to enable VAV/DCV.
  • Lindab´s active chilled beams are Eurovent-certified and tested according to EN-15116.