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Combi-hood intended for outdoor air intake and the expelling of extract air.

HKOMR is designed for location above the roof with or without a roof through connection.

The intake and extract sections are separated with an internal wall. The intake section is protected against precipitation with a roof and pest-proof mesh. The extract section has a high-speed device and water-collection vessel. This part is also available with a pest-proof mesh. Air short circuit is prevented by the air intake’s roof and the extract’s high-speed device that ensures a long ejection distance.

HKOMR is manufactured as standard from galvanised steel sheet Z275, but is also available in aluminium zinc AZ 185, stainless, acid-resistant steel 2343 or painted.

HKOMR is produced as standard for installation on Lindab’s roof through connection TGKOMR, but can also be supplied with an adapted connection hose for guiding directly on to the duct.