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MULTIFMulti Foot Support System

The Lindab Multi Foot is designed to be a multi-purpose ductwork, cable and pipework support. The Multi Foot is an extremely versatile and cost effective one piece support available in two sizes with optional antivibration mats. When used with Lindab’s Support Channel and Threaded Rod (not included) the Multi Foot provides a complete support solution for a host of applications from cable trays to ductwork

Designed to

  • 41 × 41 mm channel
  • 40 mm wide channel (horizontally)
  • 12 mm threaded (vertically)

Max recommended load is based on each foot producing a loading of 10,0 kN/m2, if conditions allow, the maximum load per foot is 500 kg.


The Lindab Multi Foot plastic mounting feet are manufactured from Polypropylene 20% Glass fibre filled.


Suitable for internal or external applications in temperatures between -30°C to +80°C